Choosing the perfect artwork for your home

Choosing a perfect home for your artwork. 

I am always excited to work closely with my clients when choosing the perfect artwork for their home or work place. It allows me to combine my experience in photography, presentation and design. The end goal is to choose the best possible image, printed as an archival limited edition print and framed to the highest standard possible. 

It is important to remember, that choosing the perfect artwork isn’t just about selecting a nice photograph. The photograph must sit harmoniously in its environment. It all starts with a friendly chat to get an understanding of what exactly my clients are looking for. We discuss the sort of imagery that excites them. Photography is so subjective. I offer advice on which images could work best from experience but the clients must have the final say. I assess the size and shape of the space considered for the artwork. We decide on the best location. Once we narrow down a selection of images, we can decide on the best way to present the print in it’s finished state. I particularly love coming up with new ways of displaying the prints. This is an ever evolving process that never cease to excite me.

I recently installed a 2m print of Killarney National Park, captured in the wonderful County Kerry. The high wall required a tall panoramic piece that would sit beside full height glazing. I felt fading and reflections could be an issue.  I also wanted to bring the tones and colours from the courtyard into the space so we chose this particular image. The contemporary home is a wonderful design by acclaimed architect Lorcan O’Herlihy. We decided to go with anti reflective mounted acrylic. It offers 99% UV protection against fading to maximise it’s longevity. A solid ash tray frame complimented the tones of the print and the adjacent courtyard. Both my client and I were delighted with the end result. Everything just works in harmony with each other to create a sense of peace.

Choosing the perfect artwork

Large Framed Print on Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl

A 9ft framed print, which does not dominate a space! 

I recently installed a stunning large framed print of a forest panoramic, captured close to Lough Dan in County Wicklow. The piece is about 2.8m wide. However at 9ft wide it is just over 2ft high. As a result my wide forest panoramic pictures can sit comfortably on a wall without dominating the room. The photo is printed on my favourite paper –  Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl because of it’s exceptional blacks, texture and tonal range. The timber framed piece was than finished with anti reflective glass so that the viewer can truly appreciate the character of this wonderful paper. Reflections are dramatically reduced so you are pulled into the scene. Check out the wee video below of the finished piece when I picked up from my framer Steve at 360 DPI. Big thank you also to Jim and Ed and Inspirational Arts for the fab print as always. 



Framed Print on Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl
Finished print installed in it’s new home
Forest Photo Lough Dan Wicklow
Sunlit Forest, Lough Dan, County Wicklow No.1



FEP European Commercial Golden Camera Award 2019

FEP European Photographer of the Year 2019.

I was thrilled and more than a bit overwhelmed to win the Golden Camera Award in the commercial photography category at the 2019 European Photographer of the year awards. The prestigious annual event, run by the Federation of European Photographers was held this year in beautiful Innsbrück, set in the Austrian Alps.

The winning images were of 3 wonderfully designed projects located around Ireland. A stunning home by PAC Studio Architects overlooking Dublin Bay. No.10 Molesworth Street a new IPUT building designed by Henry J. Lyons and finally the Hog’s Head hotel, a new luxury hotel designed by the Cork team of  Henry J. Lyons and set in the idyllic Kerry countryside. 

A big thank you to IPUT, Henry J. Lyons and PAC Studio Architects for your great support.

Here is a short video as I received FEP European Commercial Golden Camera Award 2019

Here you can see the 3 images which formed my winning panel.

professional architecture photographer, 10 Molesworth Street
10 Molesworth Street
Private Home by PAC Studio Architects
Lodge at Hogs Head
The Lodge at Hogs Head


IPPVA Commercial Photographer of the Year 2018!

Irish Professional Photographer’s and Videographer’s Association Awards 2018.

I was thrilled to become IPPVA Commercial Photographer of the Year again at the 2018 IPPVA Awards held in the beautiful Clayton Hotel in Ballsbridge. I continue to challenge myself each time I take a photograph and always strive to improve. I hope this is reflected in my photography as it evolves over time. The winning images were of the wonderfully designed Dublin Port Centre by Darmody Architecture and some of my favorite images from recent commissions in the Guinness Storehouse including the incredibly successful Airbnb One Night at Campaign. A big thank you to Diageo, Dublin Port Company and Darmody Architecture for your great support.

Here you can see the 4 images which formed my winning panel. 

Guinness Storehouse, Guinness Brewery
Guinness Storehouse Dublin
Dublin Port Centre
Dublin Port Centre
Guinness Storehouse Airbnb
Guinness Storehouse Airbnb Campaign
IPPVA Commercial Photographer
Dublin Port Centre

Kennedy Wilson’s fine art photography commission

Enda Cavanagh’s landscape photography ‘softens’ the Vantage Building

Living in a big city and large apartment building can often mean that there’s never the right opportunity to get to know the people living right next to you. The reality is that you can inhabit much of the same space, sharing amenities like the gym and social areas without ever actually speaking to any of your neighbours.

Kennedy Wilson, a global real estate investment company, and architects Henry J. Lyons wanted to change all that with the Vantage Apartments in Dublin.

A strong connection to nature

The Vantage Apartments

The Vantage Apartments were built as a series of buildings in South Dublin on three elevated landscaped courtyards, and there are spectacular panoramic views of the city from the inside.

With a prime location near the sea and the mountains and clad in floor-to-ceiling windows, natural granite, reconstituted stone, and rich red sandstone, there was already a strong connection to nature.

Enda Cavanagh’s fine art landscape photography was set to solidify that connection even more.

Softening a space for socialising

“The external areas of the building are hard, and we wanted to soften it within the building,” explains Jane McHugh from Kennedy Wilson.

“We wanted to create a social area in the actual apartment buildings, so we added multi-family spaces: a resident’s gym, a children’s area, a games room, a cookery demonstration room, and other common areas.”

Vantage Apartments Entrance Area

The idea was to create a peaceful atmosphere where the residents could congregate.

“When it was all built, we knew these spaces needed to have a softer feel, and we immediately knew what we wanted.”

They had their heart set on artwork of the Irish landscape, as a nod to Ireland for their many international residents.

Kennedy Wilson felt Enda Cavanagh’s landscapes had the right vision: “The sea, the forests, Sandycove, Blackrock. He had the look we wanted, and that Irish connection,” Jane adds.

Jane had seen Enda’s work in another office scheme, and a very large photo in the boardroom had made an impression. He also came highly recommended by Henry J. Lyons.

Fine art photography for residents

Enda visited the apartments to examine the space with the architects and discussed ideas with the interior designer to get a clearer picture of the kinds of photographs they liked. He took pictures of the space and created a montage with some selected pieces, so his clients could see how these large images would look in the rooms.

This made the selection process much easier for Jane. “I liked his approach, his talent. He made great suggestions for lighting for the pieces, and oversaw the entire installation.”

“It was an easy relationship. He was very easy to work with, made great suggestions. We were on the same page.”

Kennedy Wilson settled on four landscape fine art photographs: three smaller ones for the social area and one large 5-metre forest scene for the reception. “They’re beautiful pieces. We would have loved to have a few more. Our residents appreciate the fine art photography in the building, particularly the large piece. They’re always commented on; they’re very attractive,” Jane concludes.

If you would like to discuss a fine art photography commission in your workplace or home, please feel free to contact Enda.

fine art photography commission
Central Social Space
Kennedy Wilson Reception
2m Acrylic in Games Room

Christmas Pop up Gallery Shop in CHQ at the Liffey Corner

Treat yourself or a loved one to a bespoke photo print this Christmas.

The Christmas Contemporary Craft and Design Fair was unbelievable. Got a huge response to my new images and loads of sales and enquiries. And it doesn’t stop there. I will show a number of images before Christmas, in a Pop up Gallery Shop at CHQ in the Liffey Corner in the heart of the IFSC with fellow landscape photographer Eoghan Kavanagh.

We will be setting up on Saturday December the 16th so we will be up and running from 3pm. Pop in for a browse and maybe you will see something you like! Here is a Google Maps Tag for CHQ. The Liffey Corner is inside the Liffey entrance to the right. We will be open from 10am until 7pm each day until the 22nd and we have late opening on Thursday the 21st until 9pm. There is still plenty of time for that perfect Christmas gift….or treat. If I don’t have what you want there I can have it made up in a day or 2. You can also shop for prints in my online store.

Artist’s Choice Dibond with Solid Ash Tray Frame
Cycle of Life Edition with Polished Birch Plywood Frame and Museum Anti Reflective Glass.

Photo with Plywood Frame and Anti Reflective Acrylic in Savvi

Polished Birch Finnish Ply with Anti Reflective Acrylic

Today I installed a piece in the wonderfully designed new Savvi Credit Union at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay in Dublin. The very talented Darmody Architecture designed the fitout to a very high standard. A clever use of space and a wonderful combination of finishes and materials create an atmosphere far removed from what one sees typically in financial institutions. There is a warmth to the place that makes customers feel at home. There are a number of timber materials used in Savvi including a lot of beautiful plywood. The lamination of high quality ply has been one of my favourite affects in bespoke furniture for decades. I designed a plywood frame last year and there was a perfect opportunity for it to be used on this large piece, commissioned by Savvi. Inspirational Arts printed a stunning print on my favourite paper Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl. Steve in 360 DPI did a great job of assembling the frame. Due to the size of the frame which stands at 1.1 x 1.1m, acrylic was used instead of glass. It dramatically reduces the weight. At the same time it offers museum standard image protection against UV and fading. The client decided to get anti reflective acrylic which elevates the print to another level. It dramatically reduces reflections to the extent you barely notice the acrylic. As a result the viewer becomes much more connected with the photograph. You can clearly see the texture of the paper. It becomes more tactile. It almost looks like a naked print.

I love working with great crafts people to create the best possible prints and finishes. I also love working with clients and designers to deliver an artwork that not just celebrates the image but also the space in which it is displayed. How the image is displayed is crucial to how it will be appreciated. The plywood finish on the frame works perfectly with the space and compliments the materials used throughout. Boland’s  Mill No.4, an image captured only hundreds of meters away at the Old Boland’s Mill site shortly before much of it was demolished for redevelopment was the perfect choice. I’m really happy with the result.





Bolands Mill Dublin
Boland’s Mills No.4




Photos in a Dublin Residential Development

Photos in a Dublin Residential Development – A Fresh Approach in Ireland

Recently I was commissioned by architects to supply 4 large photos in a Dublin Residential Development. It was a new and refreshing approach by our client, which I have not previously experienced in Ireland.

I like most people live in an urban environment. I currently live in the same apartment since 2008. I barely know my neighbours. I barely know anyone’s name in the complex. Occasionally our paths meet in the lift or on the Landing. This usually involves a bit of small talk. Of course I’m Irish so somehow the weather always sneaks it’s way into our brief conversations! Beyond that, there are no interactions. We know pretty much nothing about each other.

This is in stark contrast to my earlier youth, growing up In County Sligo. Some of my best and oldest friends were my neighbours.

But what was the fresh approach. The owners of a Residential Development in Central Park, Leopardstown decided to create a really cool communal area where the residents and tennants could interact and actually get to know each other. There is a gym, chill our area, a work area (if you must), a games room with fussball, games console, snooker table TV area and a children’s play area. Even a large kitchen and dining area where groups of people could come together over a meal.

I was so impressed with our client’s approach. Of course it makes perfect sense from their point of view. It would be a huge incentive for new tenants and owners to choose this property and it brings a little humanity into the daily lives of the inhabitants. It’s so easy for people to feel lost in a city. I believe this is something very positive which can only be encouraged.

In addition to providing these facilities, the client also decided to display a number of art pieces around the common areas. Having photographic art or any art for that matter around you greatly improves the quality of life in the workplace or home. Included in their selection were 4 of my my Photos. All were large pieces, printed on Durst Lambda Photographic Paper and mounted on high grade scratch resistant Acrylic. The largest image was a 5 x 1.2m high forest panoramic photo of the stunning Gougane Barra Forest Park. At this size you are transported to the scene almost as if you are there. A perfect piece for it’s chosen location.









House by Darmody Architecture

Beautiful home by Darmody Architecture

Recently I took a series of architectural photos of a beautiful home in Dublin for the very talented Darmody Architecture. It consists of a beautifully restored Georgian House and a brand spanking new stone clad extension. The existing house has a lovely classical style and the character of the building has been preserved very tastefully. Much of the internal surfaces in the contemporary extension are finished with fair faced concrete. I LOVE fair faced concrete and there are some wonderful examples of it in the house. The windows and large sliding door offer a great view back to the spacious garden and the stone cladding matches the tones of the existing facede. A beautiful home indeed.

I love taking dusk photos of the buildings I photograph. It’s the one time (or second if you want to wake everyone up at 5!) of the day when you can visually open up the inside to the outside and makes the building come alive. It appears almost as a living entity. The light levels inside and out even out during the magic hour as long as the internal lighting is turned. It becomes possible to peek inside the building and see how it works from the outside.

You can see more examples here of Darmody Architecture on their website.

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