About Enda Cavanagh

Enda Cavanagh is a multi-award winning professional architecture and landscape photographer based in Dublin. Enda’s photographic work stands out as fresh, unique, and very contemporary, with crisp clarity and explosions of detail that breaks down the barrier between viewer and artwork.

Enda’s approach frames the beauty of landscapes and the classical lines of architecture in a refreshing, immersive experience. His previous career in architecture and his superior technical skill with the camera allows him to create vivid images in super-high definition that transport the viewer to a place of serenity, right at the heart of the location of the scene.

With long experience in architecture and a deep knowledge of photography, Enda is able to quickly realise his client’s creative vision, and is adept at collaborating with designers, architects, and art buyers.

His fine art and architecture photography is suited for individual buyers as well as organisations, and his prints are available in a variety of sizes and framing styles to suit all budgets.


Enda is originally from a Parish in County Sligo, and has been based in Dublin for many years. He spent 16 years in the architectural industry, but has always been drawn to photography since his youth. Initially drawn to landscape photography, his professional background paved the way for his additional expertise in architecture photography  He became a full-time professional architectural and fine art landscape photographer in 2008.

His childhood in rural Ireland forged an unbreakable bond between him and the land, and it is with this connection that he approaches his landscape photography. After living and working for years in Berlin, one of his favourite cities, he returned to Ireland and chose Dun Laoghaire, near the sea in Dublin, as his base. From there, he explores manmade structures and their coexistence with the environment.

The architectural influence is clearly visible in his photography: with his technical skill and experience in multiple disciplines, Enda’s able to capture, reveal, and communicate the subtle patterns, shapes, and forms of nature in his landscape photography and the classical lines of beauty in man-made objects. These are displayed as evolving, and almost living, entities with their own personalities, where the past and present are unified.

Enda is an associate member of the Irish Professional Photographer’s Association. In 2011, he became the first photographer in Europe to receive a Qualified European Photographer by the Federation of European Photographers in the category of fine art landscape.

Landscape and Architecture Photography

Enda regularly finds himself photographing landscapes that show evidence of man’s existence and his impact on the land.

His vision of the Irish Landscape allows Enda to draw dramatic parallels between the subjects of his work and their surroundings. Many of his images also feature man-made objects that, over time, have themselves become part of the landscape. Enda appreciates how essential the presence of man is to our understanding of our environment, and he seeks to capture the tension implicit in the emergence of beauty from the detritus of our existence.

He challenges our comprehension of beauty by asking us, at what point does age become attractive? Enda helps us to perceive the dynamic nature of the country we inhabit and casts a cold, challenging eye upon the traditional interpretations of the Irish Landscape.

Much influenced by the cinema, Enda often uses the panoramic format to add epic character and clarity to images. His aim is always to transport and connect the viewer to the location where the photograph was taken.

This connection is taken to it’s maximum effect with Enda’s current forest series. These images result in a 260 megapixel medium format camera file. The viewer becomes truly immersed in these epic scenes when they’re printed at an almost lifelike scale, using the highest quality printing techniques on the market.

Artist’s Statement

“I’m drawn in particular to the rugged beauty of Ireland, and discover there a great sense of peace. I appreciate how essential the presence of man is to our understanding of our environment and seek to capture the tension implicit in the emergence of beauty from the detritus of our existence. My photography aims to reflect the inherent drama and melancholy of the Irish landscape. It shows the dynamic and transitive nature of our relationship with our environment, and reveals the connections between our constructions and the contours that give them context.”

Professional memberships & awards

Enda Cavanagh is an associate member of the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association (IPPA). and has become one of the leading architecture and fine art landscape photographers in Ireland. In 2011 he became the first photographer in Europe to receive a QEP (Qualified European Photographer) by the Federation of European Photographers in the category of fine art landscape.


The Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA) Awards:

  • Architecture photographer of the year (2011, 2013, 2015, 2019, 2022)
  • Commercial photographer of the year (2015, 2018)
  • Landscape photographer of the year (2017)
  • Fine art photographer of the year (2016)
  • People’s Choice awards (2016)
  • Best single architecture image (2014, 2015)
  • Best single pictorial/fine art image (2012)
  • Best single landscape image ( 2010)

Federation of European Photographers Awards:

  • European Commercial photographer of the year (2019)
  • Finalist, Fine Art Photograph of the Year (2010)
  • Finalist, Photographer of the Year for architecture and commercial work (2014, 2015)

Business to Art (BTA):

  • Jim McNaughton Perpetual Award’ for Best Commissioning of an Artist (2013)

World Photographic Cup

  • Finalist, World Photographic Cup (2014, 2015)


Enda Cavanagh has exhibited in several galleries, including the Centre of Photographic Art in Carmel California, the IEPA Photography exhibitions in Japan, the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery, and Copper House Gallery in Dublin.

2017 | The Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition

Horse Rugs, Stud Farm 1” was exhibited in the 2017 Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition.

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“Enda has successfully photographed a number of residential interior architectural projects with us. He was very accommodating in taking on board our desired aesthetic for each shoot whilst also staying true to his own photographical style (which we love!)

His approach to each project is meticulously thought through, he covers not just the photography on the day but how the images will benefit our websites in the long term and has very kindly given us great tips to further improve their performance.
We often need a quick turn around on the image release and he is always very obliging in getting the proofs to us expeditiously.

Working with Enda is always fun and professional! ”

Michelle and Richard
Realm Concepts / Bulthaup Hanover Quay

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