Choosing the perfect artwork for your home

Choosing a perfect home for your artwork. 

I am always excited to work closely with my clients when choosing the perfect artwork for their home or work place. It allows me to combine my experience in photography, presentation and design. The end goal is to choose the best possible image, printed as an archival limited edition print and framed to the highest standard possible. 

It is important to remember, that choosing the perfect artwork isn’t just about selecting a nice photograph. The photograph must sit harmoniously in its environment. It all starts with a friendly chat to get an understanding of what exactly my clients are looking for. We discuss the sort of imagery that excites them. Photography is so subjective. I offer advice on which images could work best from experience but the clients must have the final say. I assess the size and shape of the space considered for the artwork. We decide on the best location. Once we narrow down a selection of images, we can decide on the best way to present the print in it’s finished state. I particularly love coming up with new ways of displaying the prints. This is an ever evolving process that never cease to excite me.

I recently installed a 2m print of Killarney National Park, captured in the wonderful County Kerry. The high wall required a tall panoramic piece that would sit beside full height glazing. I felt fading and reflections could be an issue.  I also wanted to bring the tones and colours from the courtyard into the space so we chose this particular image. The contemporary home is a wonderful design by acclaimed architect Lorcan O’Herlihy. We decided to go with anti reflective mounted acrylic. It offers 99% UV protection against fading to maximise it’s longevity. A solid ash tray frame complimented the tones of the print and the adjacent courtyard. Both my client and I were delighted with the end result. Everything just works in harmony with each other to create a sense of peace.

Choosing the perfect artwork