Accepted for the RHA annual Exhibition 2014

So nice. I got accepted for the RHA annual exhibition 2014 for this CRAZY photo of CRAZY machinery in an animal feed plant. You have to see it in the flesh. Completely surreal. I guess everything in the photo has a function. What that is, is anyone’s guess! It’s a Lambda print on diamond polished acrylic and the image really pops of the page


Animal Feed Plant 3

Acrylic picked up in the Copper House

Photos of Retrospective 01 Exhibition launch

Well. The exhibition launch  was a great success. There was a fantastic turnout and loads of interest. My good friend and fellow photographer Peter Gordon kindly photographed the launch. Here are some of his images. Copyright Peter Gordon


Launch invite to my Retrospective 01 Exhibition in TileStyle

Well folks. Here is an invitation to my  Retrospective 01 exhibition in TileStyle next wednesday. All are welcome. Admission is free and it should be a great night.

TileStyle will launch my  photographic exhibition  – Retrospective 01, from 6.30-9pm on Wednesday 9th April 2014.

Retrospective 01 will be a collection of my favorite works going back over the years. There will be many of my landscape photos, both rural and urban, including photos from my Duality exhibition plus a number of new works from new projects which will be seen for the first time!!

Stuart McLaughlin – Chief Executive of Business to Arts and Chair of the Glucksman Gallery, UCC will open the exhibition.

Retrospective 01 runs in TileStyle from the 9th April to the 30th April 2014.

Invite to Retrospective 01 Exhibition
Invite to Retrospective 01 Exhibition

Invite to Retrospective 01 Exhibition

Selected photos in Retrospective 01 Exhibition in TileStyle

I thought it would be cool to show you a slide show of my photos you will find in my Retrospective 01 exhibition in TileStyle. Several are brand spanking new and some you will know. I feel passionately about each photo. Each one was a joy to take and I hope that you like them too :o)

TileStyle will launch my  Retrospective 01 Exhibition , from 6.30-9pm on Wednesday 9th April 2014.

Stuart McLaughlin – Chief Executive of Business to Arts and Chair of the Glucksman Gallery, UCC will open the exhibition.

Retrospective 01 runs in TileStyle from the 9th April to the 30th April 2014.

Winner Best Architectural image, IPPA Awards 2014

I was really delighted to receive best architectural image on Sunday night at the 2014 IPPA awards. It is a photo of an amazing house in South Africa, which I photographed at a place called Shelley Point for the very talented SAOTA architects. I had such a blast photographing the house. You can see more of the images I took of the house here.

I was also shortlisted in the the landscape and fine art categories.


House at Shelley Point by SAOTA architects
House at Shelley Point by SAOTA architects

Finalist in the World Photographic Cup

I got some great news recently. I was a finalist in the 2014 World Photographic Cup, which is an international photography competition for photographers from the Federation of European Photographers (FEP) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

The World Photographic Cup is the first ever photography competition launched globally, with national photographic teams from America and Europe and from Asia to Australia. Its successful first round of submissions confirmed the WPC as a vehicle to universally share photographic style, encourage image excellence and create friendships across all diverse cultural environments.

22 national teams accepted the international opportunity to showcase their best in this Inaugural World Photographic Cup! Entries far exceeded the expectations of the organizing bodies (the FEP, Federation of European Photographers and PPA, Professional Photographers of America).

The WPC governing committee co-ordinated the judging process for all 400 pictures submitted. Images were judged by an international panel made up of 15 renowned professional photographers from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal and USA! Judges were selected based on their photographic technique, experience, and previous training as a photographic judge. The scoring procedure was totally at random and in complete anonymity. The score for each image was based on four principles: Impact, Creativity, Technical Excellence and Composition. Each of these contributed to a maximum of 25% of the total score.

The urban landscape photo was part of my exhibition Duality. You can read more about the exhibition here.

This is the image, titled “Radiating Beams, Blackrock Baths at Sunrise” and it was a finalist in the landscape category.


Radiating Beams, Blackrock Baths at Sunrise
Radiating Beams, Blackrock Baths at Sunrise


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Still Time For Last Minute Christmas Gifts.

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I can take cash payments or Credit card Payments (over the phone)

Acrylic photo of a 360° panoramic forest

Acrylic photo of a 360° panoramic forest image

Acrylic is my favorite medium onto which I mount my images. I just got a new 3m wide  photo printed in the Copper House. It’s a 360° forest panoramic photo from Donadae Forrest in County Kildare. It’s a  lovely place and thanks to my buddy Eamon for recommending it to me. The photo is a Durst Lambda Print mounted onto diamond polished acrylic, which gives the photo a lovely dramatic affect. The file actually had to be reduced so the clarity of the print is very impressive. Here you see a few images I took of the  photo and a small video showing all that lovely detail. I alway aim to display my images in a way which maximized their impact. The forest series offers a very immersive experience for the viewer and it is only at these large sizes that one truly appreciates the sense of escape and peace which existed when I photograph these scenes.


Video of the photo in the Copper House

Acrylic photo of a 360° panoramic fores

The acrylic photo installed

Acrylic photo of a 360° panoramic fores

The photo was printed in the Copper House.

SAOTA Architects – Shelley Point

A house by SAOTA Architects

I visited South Africa in June to photograph this beautiful country and also to shoot architectural work by  SAOTA architects. SAOTA architects are fantastic design architects and they produce stunning work throughout the world. Here is a link to the SAOTA architects website, where you can view their projects. The House is located beside the Atlantic Ocean at Shelley Point and is about 2 hours north from Cape Town. The location is stunning. I drove my rented car  north and got a chance to see some of the South African Countryside. I was left on my own to shoot the house over 2 days and without any distraction. I got clear skies throughout the shoot, which certainly made my life a lot easier! I was told that I was extremely fortunate to get such weather conditions. When inside the house, one feels a real connection to the ocean. There is large full height glazing on the walls facing the Atlantic and you really have to sit back and take it all in. SAOTA architects did a beautiful job of creating a wonderful home and it’s times like this that you realize, life is good



Printing of 88 Fine Art photos for the Marker Hotel

I decided it would be a nice idea to document the whole printing process for my series of Marker Hotel photos. All of the video was captured on my iphone and a small Canon S110 compact camera. I had lot of fun making this little video. I’ve started shooting video segments of when I capture the photo just to show how they were taken. I thought it would be nice to add them to my print releases on the site.