Fine Art Photos of an amazing industrial Location

fine art photo industrial building

An Animal Feed Plant in Meath. A Treasure Trove for Fine Art Photos!

I photographed a forest in County Meath earlier this year. I had a great days shooting. I was happy with the knowledge that I got the shot that I wanted. I packed my bags and drove off in the dark. I only drove a few hundred meters from the woodland exit and I drove past some sort of industrial building. A large door was open enough that I was able to get glimpse at what was inside, just with my peripheral vision as I drove past. I slammed on the brakes and reversed. I sat there with a feeling of electricity running through my veins. I knew looking through the gap in the door that this place was a treasure trove full of potential for fine art photos. I felt an instant connection to the place. I could not quite understand why. However shyness took the better of me. I felt awkward that I would be intruding. So I drove off. A couple of hundred meters later I slammed on the brakes. I turned around. I stopped the car. I turned around again to go home. I stopped the car. I said to Hell with it and I went back. I shyly walked inside the building from the dark and saw a lone man driving a fork lift.  I explained who I was and would he mind if I photographed his amazing Shed! He looked at me a bit bemused. Probably thinking I was let out for the day.

The man was Robert. He is the owner of the company. Thanks to his kind generosity I ended up spending 3 Sundays photographing this amazing building full of dials and knobs and pipes and all sorts of machinery like from a science fiction movie. I loved every minute of it.  For me they are some of my most rewarding photos that I’ve every taken. You might think they are stupid and pointless but I love them. I could sense there was so much history, life, memories, love, blood, sweeat and tears tied into this place and it was a pleasure to capture a series of fine art photos of an amazing industrial Location. Thanks Ropert. :o)