Hi there

My name is Enda Cavanagh and welcome to my photography blog.

I am an Irish full time fine art landscape and architectural photographer living in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

My aim is to show you cool and interesting things about photography and to explain a little behind what I do plus I will show you some of my techniques along the way.

In my blog you can see a portfolio of my photography. My fine art imagery is comprised of not only rural landscape photos of Ireland but also my urban photography of Dublin. Included here you will see my panoramic photos of the old swimming baths and swimming areas along the coast of Dublin. I have some really cool photos of the UK captured during my commissioned work and in time I will expand this portfolio as I aim to visit some fascinating locations in the Isle of Skye and Wales….eventually.

In my architectural photography gallery you will find a range of past projects I have photographed.

People often ask me which field I prefer and the answer is always an emphatic neither. I worked for over 16 years in architecture in a previous life and I love design. I love the subtle patterns, shapes and forms which exist in the urban and rural landscape and I look at a landscape scene in exactly the same way as a beautiful piece of architecture.

In case you are interested all of my fine art imagery are available as limited edition prints. Of course my architectural images can also be purchased by anyone who would like cool shots of some beautiful architecture!!

The gallery is much more comprehensive than on my main website and I hope you will enjoy the images as much as I had taking them.

Take care