Overview of Photography in Dublin

Photography has long since been considered as much as an art as the more traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpture. Photographs can capture stunning scenery, emotion and atmosphere every bit as effectively as any paint brush. With the digital age came digital cameras and photography, but instead of taking away from the skills required, digital photography just resulted in a whole new set of skills which aid the photographer to produce the final image as well as more printing options.

Photography in Dublin is popular because of the wide range of subjects and scenery. From the busy city streets crowded with people and lined with a variety of different styles of architecture, to the rural areas surrounding the city. Ireland is famous for its striking panoramas, haunting ancient ruins and castles and picturesque beaches. Capturing the feel of Ireland with a camera takes patience and skill.

I enjoy photographing Dublin wide, and try to put the heart and soul of the city into every photo; whether it’s the people, the buildings or the scenery. I enjoy each aspect of photography equally, and like to take into account the light, contrast, patterns and movement of each subject or scene. By taking my time and putting the emphasis on attention to detail, I can take and print a photo that captures the moment, not just the scene.