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Keem Strand, Achill Island

Ref#: EFA-71

Keem Strand in Achill Island: A quaint Irish beach.

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A black and white seascape photo of Keem Strand on Achill island. Sheltered by spectacular sea cliffs this beach is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches on the west coast of Ireland. The unusual patterns in the sand formed from the movement of the sea water mirrors the triangular rock.

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Girdled by majestic sea cliffs, the Keem Strand on Achill island is known for its spectacular seascape and unparalleled scenic beauty. The triangular shapes formed on the beach due to the continuous grinding of the sea water mirrors triangular cliffs. Being a sandy beach, it proudly safeguards the rock formations. The black and white portrait captures the essence of the Keem Strand perfectly to become an artistic masterpiece.