A beautiful Landscape photography book of Ireland

Exploring the Irish Landscape




For some time I have wanted to publish a beautiful landscape photography book of Ireland containing my favorite images of the Irish landscape. Now at last I have produced a beautiful coffee table book titled Exploring the Irish Landscape composed of my collection of these photos of Ireland, captured on my journeys around the irish countryside.Exploring the Irish Landscape is a 100% Irish produced and printed product. It was printed in Galway by a fantastic company called Castle Print. Each landscape photo of Ireland holds dear and fond memories, for me. Some were taken with my old Mamiya 7 rangefinder camera and others were taken with my Hasselblad H3D 39 and Cambo Wide DS view camera. There is quite a contrast in style between my older and more recent images, where my experience in both architecture and architecture photography began to have a profound impact on my photographic style. This is especially evident in my series of panoramic photos of Dublin.

Concurrently my fascination with man made structures appearing in the rural and urban landscape became more apparent. I think this all started after watching one of my favorite movies “American Beauty“. In it one of the characters Ricky showed a video of wind tossing an old plastic bag into a spiral dance. I thought it was an incredible way of looking at the world and seeing what immense beauty there is in the world we inhabit. I think that’s something that we’re born with that gets ironed out of us by our culture and by experience and by conformity. There’s something so simple and poetic about Ricky’s encounter with the plastic bag that just keeps whirling in the breeze.

For many years I never took a photo of Dublin and it was after that movie that I began to see things in a different light and started shooting my Dublin scenes. Many of these you will find on my website and in my book. I began to appreciate how essential the presence of man is to our understanding of our environment and sought to capture the tension implicit in the emergence of beauty from the detritus of our existence. A prime example of this is my urban landscape photo “the Dun Laoghaire Baths”, which was exhibited this year in the Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition. In the the Sunday Times Culture section review of the exhibition, Gerry McCarthy wrote “Cavanagh is represented in the show by a superb landscape shot of the Dun Laoghaire shoreline. Cavanagh’s photo has the care and balance of a classical landscape painting. It’s bleached-out tones and grey light make the site around an old bathing place look like a classical ruin. It is a photograph of a specific place, but also of a theme: human impact on the world, only change is real and we are deeply impacted in the process he shows us.”

I believe we inhabit a land of flawed wonder and timeless beauty and I have attempted in my own way to capture the true essence of Ireland. I hope you enjoy this beautiful landscape photography book of Ireland .


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