Enda Cavanagh: Award-winning Dublin photographer

Enda Cavanagh is a multi-award winning professional architectural and landscape photographer based in Dublin. Enda’s photographic work stands out as fresh, unique, and very contemporary, with crisp clarity and explosions of detail that breaks down the barrier between viewer and artwork.

Enda’s approach frames the beauty of landscapes and the classical lines of architecture in a refreshing, immersive experience. His previous career in architecture and his superior technical skill with the camera allows him to create vivid images in super-high definition that transport the viewer to a place of serenity, right at the heart of the location of the scene.

With long experience in architecture and a deep knowledge of photography, Enda is able to quickly realise his client’s creative vision, and is adept at collaborating with designers, architects, and art buyers.

His fine art and architectural photography is suited for individual buyers as well as organisations, and his prints are available in a variety of sizes and framing styles to suit all budgets.

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